Rhino.compute issue

I have a Viktor + Grasshopper setup. I have 2 children for Rhino. Sometimes, after opening Rhino, when trying my application, Viktor receives the request, but Rhino compute doesn’t. However, if I press any key (i.e. enter) the rhino compute receives, creates the process (I can visualize it in the Task Manager) and starts working as normal. Sometimes, I have to do this interaction with the console in order to create both processes, after that, they run just fine. Any idea what could be the problem?

Hi LeoPappas

This sounds like a generic (windows) CMD line problem (not specific to Grasshopper Worker). We have a FAQ section in the docs that answers the following: My command-line interface seems to be frozen
(note, most developers tend to encounter this problem when using the viktor-cli in combination with CMD, but the same problem can be found for workers)

I think it will be useful to first check this out and see if this solves it.

hey Kevin,
It seems to have solved the problem!
Thanks :raised_hands: