Revit Generative Design CLI and Geometry View

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Is it possible to have multiple instances of the Geometry view in one app? Displayed in square tiles or on top of each other with the ability to scroll between them. I aim to develop generative design applications that show results similar to how Google Delve and Revit’s generative design display them. You can watch this video from 7:00 to 21:00 for context on their interfaces.

It would be great to use the Revit generative design engine to output the geometry.json and XML files for each developed design option for display on Viktor, but I don’t think generative design currently has a CLI. Do you or your team know anything about this?
I have also asked the question on the Dynamo forum.

Hi Bayo,

Thanks for these questions. To answer your questions:

Is it possible to have multiple instances of the Geometry view in one app?

For now it is not yet possible to show multiple views under one tab, such as what you are referring to with your case of having multiple views of geometries in squares on one screen. I can imagine that this could be very valuable for the platform to also have. If you also think so, I would recommend adding this to the Feature Request section, so that the community can chip in their ideas, and our platform team can ask direct questions on this feature to you and others.

Can I use the Revit generative design engine to output the results on Viktor?

I am not too familiar with the Revit generative design engine, but one is able to integrate Revit with the VIKTOR platform by using pyrevit. We are currently creating an example project that demonstrates how to integrate with Revit using pyrevit, so hopefully it will be out on time that you will still benefit from it. Maybe you can use the generative design engine through the pyrevit? Hopefully someone else on the community that has more experience with Revit, pyrevit and so will be able to provide a better answer.

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Hello Marcel. I trust you are well.
Thanks for the response. Yes, let us make this post a feature request. I could give more info and show some practical examples as needed. Such functionality is essential.

I use pyRevit quite extensively, and I do not think it would be able to initiate the generative design engine. Generative design is a plugin just like Dynamo and pyRevit. I guess Autodesk would also need to provide a CLI for it.