Range Slider

Hi devs,

For a centrain module(EV-demand-builder) of my app i want to let the user define a initial state of charge of a electric vehicle. This module is used, as the name suggests to create a demand-profile for a electric vehicle over a year. I dont want the state of charge to be exactly the same for every charge session over the year so i want to use a randint in the back-end, but i want to let the user define the range from which this randint should be chosen.

Its not a big deal or really a problem, but because the inputfield in inside a dynamic array i want as less inputfields as possible (visual purpose).
Therefore, it would be nice to have a Range-slider for this application.

Submitter proposed design (optional)

Add another point on the NumberField variant slider line.
Or a RangeField with slider variant.

Current workarounds

2 Sliders, or Numberfields

Kind regards,

Hi Nino,

Thanks for proposing this feature. This topic has been brought up a few times by some. It is therefore valuable to now have this conversation openly, to see how highly requested this feature is.

I’ve noted your request on our internal issue board.