Pythonocc-core not found

To continue the series about not installed python packages, this is my requirements.txt:

this is the response of viktor-cli:

What could be the problem?

Hi @Dinosaver ,

It seems that that version is not available on PyPI, meaning that it is not pip installable (which is the requirement for being in the requirements.txt file. One could check it here:

You could consider trying to get the repository listed in your requirements, with the repo being this one:

And trying this:

I’m curious to hear how this goes, so please keep me posted.

No, git doesn’t work. It is a source code for the wrapper, not a ready-to-use-package. And what is worse - on conda it is compiled for Windows and, if I remember correctly, Viktor runs on Linux, right? So, I need to compile it on Linux too and then send it to Viktor as a private package?

Hi @Dinosaver ,

This would indeed be the way to go, as far as I know. Has it been raised with the development team why there is only a conda package (and no PyPI) available for pythoncc-core?

Ok, I can install the package from conda on Ubuntu machine. Actually, a whole zoo of packages. About 50. Can I deploy my environment on Viktor instead of requirements.txt shortcut? Or maybe plans to add conda along pip?

Here are two sources that could help you:

I hope this helps.

Sorry, looks like you managed to reply on my old message. Could you review the new one?