Python Version Error

I have been this error. Does anyone know why?

Hi Elias,

Did you run viktor-cli install before viktor-cli start?

Is your app located in the folder elias?

Hi @rdejonge,

Yes and yes!

Hi Elias,

I’d say start with following the instructions as stated in the warnings and update the python_version in the viktor.config.toml file. Then try re-installing and re-starting the app.

Hi Daniel,

Python version: 3.11
CLI: Version: v0.30.3
Viktor: 14

I did that, but it doesn’t work.

and the install does work as expected? Does it complete successfully?

No, appears to be an error similar to what occurred when I started the viktor-cli, but it eventually states that there is no requirements.txt file. But it’s there.

Hi Elias,

You are starting the CLI from the working directory C:\Users\elias in your first screenshot. However, your app is located in ..\viktor-apps\map-tutorial according to the second screenshot. So you are executing the CLI in a different directory and therefore the CLI cannot find your app.

Change the working directory to your app folder before running viktor-cli install and viktor-cli start. Let’s assume the app directory is C:\Users\elias\viktor-apps\map-tutorial. In order to change your working directory in Powershell use the following command:

cd C:\Users\elias\viktor-apps\map-tutorial

After landing in the directory of the app run viktor-cli install and viktor-cli start

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It’s effective!!!