Python not found in path during viktor-cli configure


Following the steps in the installation docs, I am supposed to be able to enter the file path to python when configuring with the client:
‘Enter the path to your Python installation. If Python has been added to the PATH environment variable it will be inserted as a suggestion, select it by pressing enter.’

However, it raises the error that “python” executable file is not found in %PATH%. I tried to add python to the environment variables, but it still raises this error.

Most probably I am missing something, can someone do a suggestion?

BR Jelle

Hi Jelle,

Welcome to the Community Forum. Thank you for taking the time to write out your problem.

To find out what is going wrong, we might need a bit more info. What version of the viktor-cli are you using? Please run the following command:

viktor-cli version

Hi Kevin, v0.19.3

Hi Jelle,

It seems that this is a bug in the CLI. We are working on a fix to get this working again.
We will let you know when this is fixed!

In the meantime, I’ll re-categorize this post as a ‘Bug Report’.

Hi Jelle, we have released a patch on the viktor-cli (v0.19.4) which should fix the issue.

You can upgrade using:

viktor-cli upgrade

Hi Kevin and Kevin,

Yes it is now resolved! Many thanks. Maybe it is a good addition in the docs that if the path to the python distribution is in an administrator folder such as C:/ProgramData/… (the case I believe for the Anaconda distribution) that the command prompt is to be ran as administrator. Otherwise the error is raised the path cannot be found, whilst actually the problem is that cmd doesn’t have the rights to access it.

BR, have nice holidays maybe and thanks for the swift reply.