Publishing, Pricing and Deployment environments?

Hi all. We (with a co-worker) are close to finish our first app in Viktor but we have no experience with deployment in this kind of platform and we are not sure how to continue. How much it cost to deploy our app, and it is possible have our own server with a custom domain to use the app?. Also, in our local environment (Windows) we have installed a program to translate Latex to PDF. If the app gets deployed in a linux env, we will have a terminal to install the packages to make that work? Something like “sudo apt-get install texlive”.

Thanks!. Regards.

Hi Pumacens,

A colleague of mine will take up contact with you regarding costs for a paid environment.

To answer your question regarding converting Latex to PDF: at the current moment this is only possible if done through a Generic worker that is installed and configured on another machine such as a Virtual Machine or such. What I would recommend, however, is to try out the service we provide to convert a Word document to PDF. Here is also more info to use a Word template to render a document.