Publish apps using the command-line interface 🚀

A new version of the viktor-cli is now available. This release includes the long-awaited publish feature, which you can use to update your apps from the command-line. The latest version of the cli can be downloaded using the upgrade command.

  • A guide on how to use this new feature can be found in the documentation of the latest SDK version (Command-line interface (CLI) | VIKTOR Documentation)
  • Please read this guide thoroughly to see which limitations apply to the first iteration of this feature.
  • If you encounter one of these limitations the update of the app will be done using the ‘old’ release flow, for this you can notify your contact person at VIKTOR.
  • To see which apps are connected to your development account you can use the apps command. More information about the latest app versions can be retrieved with the describe command.

If you encounter any problems do not hesitate to contact me or one of my colleagues!