Plotly view

Hi Support,
In a new application we would like to use the @PlotlyView instead of the @WebView. However, the @PlotlyView seems to use only a small part of the available area to plot. Is there a way to use more of the available area?

An example:
With @WebView

With @PlotlyView

Hi Bart,

Thanks for reporting, it seems to behave that way only when using the PlotlyAndDataView, not when using the PlotlyView in isolation. I will raise the issue internally and check if we can address this.

Hi Bart,

This has been fixed, the chart in PlotlyAndDataView will now take up the full height. It will be out soon.


Just like Bart I still get an empty graph when trying to plot anything other then a simple list like in the example from the tutorial. I’ve tried to plot a single column dict as well as a pandas serie.

Could you give an example?