Platform gets stuck

Which tool versions are you using?

SDK: v13.8.9
Python: v3.10
Isolation mode: venv

Current Behavior

If you are fast (change input and update view) the view doesn’t update and it is stuck on “In behandeling”.
Sometimes an UserError is raised (shown in terminal) but the UI remains stuck on “In behandeling”

Expected Behavior

After every new change the previous command should be interrupted to prevent very slow performance or getting stuck like this.

Hi Johan,

Thanks for the report. I can’t seem to re-create your problem. Are you experiencing this in just one or in all your applications?
And is it also happening in your production workspaces or only in development?

Hi Daniël,

The UI getting stuck happens a lot in production as well if the parametrization is a bit more complex and takes about 100ms+
If the user presses “Update” within these 100ms (or longer depending on the speed of the platform) the UI gets stuck in this “Calculation results” message.

On production I can’t see if a UserError is produced or not, but I think these are two different issues. I will also adres this in our planned meeting with Viktor next week as it is a major issue/barrier for the user.

Hi Johan,

I just got notified that this apparently is an issue we’re already tracking. The reason I was not able to reproduce is that I was testing in a staging environment in which our FE team is actually already testing the fix. So that seems to work fine :wink:

We will be rolling out this fix somewhere in the near future, so hang on tight!

Great, I think it are two issues. But they both touch the core of the platform.