Other programming language API modules

Description of the limitation and why it is relevant to address

Sometimes you want to connect to a VIKTOR app using the API (either for data or for compute). In the case of python we have helper functions in the SDK (api module) making this easier that the core REST API. If you have another programming language this remains quite difficult for beginner programmers.

As a developer I want to have simplified helper functions in other programming languages so that I can easily connect to my VIKTOR app.

I think this is relevant for the VIKTOR platform because the apps could be leveraged outside just the UI usage.

Submitter proposed design (optional)

Create other language SDKs (for instance C#) with an api module to simplify connecting to VIKTOR.

Current workarounds

Use the REST API

Very interested to hear from the community who would be interested in this. And if so, which programming languages are most desired.

@sonomirco: i believe you brought this up as well. Was there a particular programming language you had in mind?

Hi @matthijs
Primarily C# and JavaScript.

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