Option to use ChildEntityManager for one Entity type only

Description of the limitation and why it is relevant to address

As a developer I want to have the option to create a ChildEntityManger for only one entity type so that I can keep entities as children as desired while including other entities inside the parent entity.

Situation description and why this is useful

I have an app which uses gef file entities as children and uses these gef files to create soil profiles. Now my user wants to be able to add a custom material for which I want to create a new entity type. For an ideal user experience I want the gef file entities to still be visible as children in order to give the user the feeling that they are dealing with a different part of the app which has its own functionality (which is the case). The custom soil entities however I would want to show in a ChildEntityManager since these entities only have a parametrization and no functionality in itself. By using a ChildEntityManager I can give the user the feeling as if they are dealing with a MultiSelectField which is exactly what I want.

Submitter proposed design (optional)

When adding a ChildEntityManager in your parametrization it would be nice if other child entities (if they exist) still show in a list (or cards if selected).

Current workarounds

None yet

Hi Rutger,

thanks for your input!

The main reason why we developed the ChildEntityManager, is that we see that users are often lost when they are in the screen where you can both open the editor of the parent and create child entities. This is why you go directly into the parent editor, when you use a ChildEntityManager. All child entities still exist as children, only the navigation changes.

In your case, our proposed solution would be to also add the GEF file entities in the editor of the parent, by using the ChildEntityManager. By using pages or steps you have quite a lot of freedom to organize the parent editor in a way that suits you.

I am curious if this solution would work for you!


Hi Stijn,

I understand the design philosophy but the situation I am facing is a situation where for one Child I want to use the ChidlEntityManager and have the entity type not visible when browsing the project folder structure and for the other Child I want the entities of the entity type to remain visible in the project folder structure.

To explain with some pictures. This is the regular structure without using the ChildEntityManager.

This is the structure when using the ChildEntityManager, both children are in the Geo Entity. Note, if I only include a ChildEntityManager for the Custom Soil Entity, my whole Gef Entity disappears since I cannot browse the Geo Entity folder structure and I have not yet created a ChildEntityManager for the Gef Entity.

The structure I would like to use is the following. The Custom Soil Entity is used in the Geo Entity and is no longer visible or accessible outside of the Geo Entity. The Gef Entity however still exists as if no ChildEntityManager was used at all.

I think the best way to frame my feature request is to change the ChildEntityManager to work as follows:

  • If for each child entity type a ChildEntityManager is present in the parent entity, the parent entity can no longer be browsed and the editor will always directly be opened.
  • If a ChildEntityManager is present in the parent entity, the entities belonging to that entity type are no longer visible when browsing the parent entity’s folder structure

By changing it this way, the developer has control over whether or not the user should be able to browse a parent entity or if the editor should be opened directly. Therefore, the intended usage is not removed but the developer is given more flexibility to use the ChildEntityManager for more cases than it may have been intended for originally if a situation like the one I am facing presents itself.