Old API vs new API

In the SDK References of the API it says:

However I would like to use create, update_properties and post_properties which aren’t available in de v1. Are there plans to add these to the new version and will the old API go obsolete any soon?
As these options are used a lot.

Hi Johan, good question. Yes we’re planning to add these features to api_v1 as well and won’t deprecate api before there’s an alternative

Thanks for the reply.
I am really looking for an easy way to push params from an entity to its childs based on a table input. For batch runs etc.
I now use the old API which works, but it is pritty complex compared to what it should be.

Index colum: select child entity (not available in table for now)
Other colums params to be pushed down to all childeren. (different for each child entity).

Would be nice to have a fast and easy option for this (for batch runs)

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I intented to post a similar question until I saw this topic. Is there any update concerning the addition of similar features in the new API?

Hi Quinten,

The api_v1 module has been updated in SDK v12.10.0, see Share data between entities using the API | VIKTOR Documentation for the additions

Thank you for the response, however, I am looking for a feature similar to the old ‘update_properties’ as I have to revise the properties of entities when a file is uploaded. More specifically, a file contains measurement data which have to be stored for the relevant entities, the old feature does exactly this. The most suitable feature now is I think set_entity_params, which however overwrites non-given params.

In that case you can first get the params of the entity (Entity.last_saved_params) you want to update and subsequently update the relevant keys. After that you use the updated params in the set_entity_params / set_params method

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