Numpy v2.0 might break your app

Hi Developers,

numpy has released a new major version (numpy v2.0.0), but unfortunately this is not yet supported by one of the subpackages that the viktor-sdk uses.
You might therefore receive one of the following error messages when using your VIKTOR app:

AttributeError: `ptp` was removed from the ndarray class in NumPy 2.0. Use np.ptp(arr, ...) instead.


ValueError: numpy.dtype size changed, may indicate binary incompatibility. Expected 96 from C header, got 88 from PyObject

We are currently working on a patch version v14.10.1 to fix this.

Note, if you cannot wait for the new SDK release, you can also solve this by explicitly adding the following to your requirements.txt file in your app:

numpy<2.0.0  # <- add this line to mark numpy 2.0.0 as incompatible


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Please note, the SDK v14.10.1 patch release is now available on PYPI. :rocket: