Multiple search results for the same item on the Viktor Docs

Which tool versions are you using?

Current Behavior

When searching for something, you often get multiple search results for the same item, only each result points to a different SDK version.

E.g. if you search for table, you get the current results. Each TableMethod points to another SDK version

Expected Behavior

I only expect the see 1 result for the latest version. If you want to search for a specific version, maybe add v=xx.x to you search query but I don’t expect to see so many doubles for different version.

Context (optional, but preferred)

It is rather annoying to get so many search results. It is also not the case that the first result is the latest SDK version but it is in random order. This behavior makes searching difficult.

Hi Vincent,

Thanks for your report! there is an outstanding issue to solve this bug, which hopefully will be picked up soon.

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Okay, thanks for the quick reply.

This has been fixed: