Multiple condition for Lookup function


We have any chance to define multiple condition for visibility of the fields in Lookup comment?

data.datasource = OptionField(‘Data Source’, default=“USGS”, options=[“USGS”, “EMSC”], description=“Data Sources”)

data.time_emsc = OptionField(‘Time Range’, default=“Current Day”, options=[“Specific Year-Month”,“Current Day”, “Current Month”], description=“Time Range for the occured Earthquakes”, visible = IsEqual(Lookup(‘data.datasource’), “EMSC”))

date.start_date = DateField(“Start Date”, visible=IsEqual(Lookup(‘data.datasource’), “EMSC”))
date.end_date = DateField(“End Date” , visible=IsEqual(Lookup(‘data.datasource’), “EMSC”))

I want to add two conditions from data.datasource and data.time_emcs fields for the date.start_date and date.end_date but I did not find the best way. Only And(IsEqual…) option is available but it wants to BooleanField for the second condition.

Can we do it with any way?


Hi Hakan,

Apart from a Lookup you can also use a function to determine the visibility of a field. See: User input, fields and buttons - Hide a field | VIKTOR Documentation.



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