Multiline TextField

At the moment I use textfield to allow the user to enter some text.
However I would like to have a default Text input for comments to be place to be a multiline field.
Just like the TextField I am using here to create this topic. Is it possible to have an argument that allows a default size or maybe including a scroll bar for TextFields?

Hi Johan,

I think you are looking for a TextAreaField? this allows you to input text with multiple lines.

I’m not sure you can set a default size, but you can add a default text to influence the initial size of the field. Does that solve your needs?

kind regards,

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Hi Paulien,

I didn’t know this existed. I have used it and with a default line break it works just fine. Thanks for the fast reply

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FYI we try to keep this page in the docs up-to-date with a visual representation of all available fields:)

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