More than one client causes error

It seems that for deployed workspaces that use remote software integration, I cannot run more than one concurrent instance? Can you please explain how this works? I am getting an error (“something went wrong”) on the second instance of the same app. Thanks

Hi Wassim,

At what point are you running into this error?
Since you are using a worker, it would be possible that analyses are timing out. The way it works when two users at the same time try to use a worker is that jobs are queued. If these jobs then turn out to take too long, they might time out and throw an error causing the user to see the “Something went wrong” message.

If you could give me a little more information about when you are encountering this error I’m happy to help you further

HI @Daniel I spoke to @mslootweg about this and showed him live what is going on. He believes that the scheduler for remote workers on public apps is simply not working so two or more requests step on each other and delete files that the other process needs. Please speak to him as he now knows what the problem is and hopefully it can be solved. Thank you.

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