Migrate from `simple` to `editor`

Hi all,

For the last month we have been developing an asset management application. The application itself works fine at the moment, but we are struggling with the following problem:

The app itself is currently of type ‘editor’. In a previous version, we had designed to use the Storage of Viktor, but in later versions we switched to AWS. The app is designed to be used by multiple users at the same time: it is an interface for database operations, so storing entities of the app should not be necessary. We would like to switch back to the ‘editor’ app type, because, as the documentation states:

The simplest app structure consists of a single editor only. The user automatically enters the editor when opening the application workspace, with no additional navigation functionalities.

However, when I try to switch back to the ‘editor’ type in the viktor.config.toml I get the following error:

App definition is invalid: It is not supported to migrate from simple to editor.

I even created an empty app and try to copy my files, but that did not seem to work. Is there a way to migrate this back?

Thanks a lot.


Hi Ruben,

Thank you for your question. It is definitely possible to change your app from a simple to editor app type. As a simple app type has a database, and an editor app type does not, there needs to be a conscious action performed by the developer to remove the database. This can be done by performing the command:

viktor-cli clear

Take note that when trying to publish the app, you may encounter an error that the publish is incompatible. This is due to this exact situation where the database needs to be removed. If this happens, please contact us to assist in removing the database.

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