Merge undefined number of PDF

I found in the docs how to merge two PDF file with merge_pdf_files for which two different context managers are defined. How would this principle generalize for an undefined number of files to merge?

As you can see in the function signature, *files, there is an asterisk before files, this means you can use an arbitrary number of files as input.

Handling multiple context managers can be done by using an ExitStack: contextlib — Utilities for with-statement contexts — Python 3.7.12 documentation

In code this could look something like the snippet below:

def download_merged_pdfs(params, **kwargs) -> DownloadResult:
    from contextlib import ExitStack
    files = 10 * [File.from_path(Path(__file__).parent / "dummy.pdf")]
    with ExitStack() as stack:
        merged = merge_pdf_files(*[stack.enter_context(f.open_binary()) for  f in files])
    return DownloadResult(file_content=merged, file_name="merged.pdf")
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Thanks Raoul, this is exactly what I was looking for!