Memory error with downloadbutton

Hi VIKTOR team,

I’d like to ask a question. Previously, my VIKTOR app worked fine. Now I updated the viktor-cli and a new geolib wheel. In my development environment the tools runs fine, but now I have published it and and running the tool gives me the following error:


Could you please help me? Thanks in advance

@yida.tao On a published environment the maximum memory limit is 500MB . Locally you can exceed this limit. In the docs at Command-line interface (CLI) | VIKTOR Documentation you can find the following command:

viktor-cli start --max-memory 500

This will ensure the same memory limit as in a published application. Hope you can debug the application in this fashion!

Hi Sylvain,

Thanks for your suggestion. I ran the tool using your proposed command. It still works in the development mode.

However, the published tool gives an error. It surprises me because the downloaded file is about 7 MB. So I’d say it is nowhere near the memory limit.

Could you please help me further?

Hi @yida.tao ,

We are aware that sometimes there is a mismatch on local memory consumption and memory consumption in production. This is high on our priority list.

For now the most straightforward solution would be to decrease memory consumption in your application. Can you perhaps share how you generate the download? Please be sure to remove any sensitive information before posting!

Hi @Sylvain,

Good to know this memory issue is something you are working hard on.

Unfortunately, I don’t know how I can decrease the memory consumption, nor can I easily share how the download is generated, because we make use of internal wheels. Could we please have a call?