Maximum possible size file upload

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I’m working on an app that preferably should be able to handle quite big files. So i wondered what the maximum file size is you can upload in a VIKTOR-app? Is 500 MB possible? Can I do 2GB even if it may be slow? This determines which way to go in our development proces.

I know about the ‘max_size’ argument in the file field, but this is only a upper limit for the user I think.
FileField('Upload a file', max_size=5_000_000)


Hi Daniël,

Thank you for reaching out. As noted here in the docs, the default RAM provided when publishing an app is 500MB. Therefore, to ensure that the application does not run into any memory issues, or becomes unstable, the FileField provides this max_size arugment to ensure that a user does not upload files that are too large for the assigned resources to handle (as is stated here in the docs).

If anyone wants to change the default RAM assigned to an app, they should send this request to a contact person of VIKTOR.

I hope this clarifies your question?

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Hi Marcel,

Couldn’t find it in the docs so thanks for helping me out, it’s clear now!

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