Map View Default Location

Hello Viktor Community,

I’m reaching out to discuss a potential enhancement to the Map view functionality. While developing applications, I’ve noticed that the default map location is set to Europe. While this might be appropriate for many users, it can hinder those of us developing for audiences in other parts of the world.

Feature Request:

  1. Set Default Map Location: Introduce a parameter within the Map view that allows developers to define a default location. This flexibility ensures that the map’s initial focus is tailored to the specific audience or region the developer is targeting.
  2. User Location Detection: Besides setting a default location, it would be beneficial if the Map view could automatically detect and focus on the user’s current location. This provides a more personalized experience for the end-users, ensuring immediate relevance when they access the map.

These features will enhance the user experience and allow developers to create more region-specific and user-centric applications.

Thank you for considering these suggestions. I believe they will bring significant value to the platform and its users.


Hi Bayo,

Thanks for this clear and detailed description of your feature request. I like the extra addition of being able to set the default depending on the user’s location. I’ve added this to our internal issue tracker.

Also, to note, the workaround that you will be investigating, as per our conversation, would be to set a map feature such as a polyline on the map’s preference location, so that the default location will snap to that location at all times.

Hi Marcel,

despite having a default location, it would also be great to have a default zoom level depending on the situation. (like in openstreetmap level 2-17)

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