Manually adding folders to auto-reload watcher

As a developer I would like to manually add folders to the auto-reload watch directory.

I think this is relevant for the VIKTOR platform because as tools grow I work with more and more submodules and wheels (to connect tools together), I think I’m not alone in doing this.

The issue which I am facing is that I have added a standalone tool as a child to a bigger tool so that users can use the standalone tool for small, quick things and the bigger tool for bigger projects. When I work on the code for the bigger tool and make changes in a file belonging to the connected smaller tool, an auto-reload does not trigger forcing me to CTRL+C and restart the tool any time I make a change.

Submitter proposed design (optional)

viktor-cli start --extra-watch-dir=…/SmallerTool

Current workarounds

Close connection and restart tool

Hi Rutger,

Thanks for the request. I actually would expect this to work already. Could you share how you structure the app folder and submodules? Also, are you using docker or virtual environment as isolation mode? And what is the version of the CLI you are currently using?



Hi Raoul,

See my answers below:

  • Structure of folder (Wegentool contains the app folder and the other repos are added as support). They have been installed using wheels.
  • I use venv as isolation mode
  • CLI version v0.28.0