Make description (i'tje) dynamic


I got a question is it possible to make the description of for example an NumberField or something else dynamic. If so, how do you do that?

Kind regards,

Hi Jip,

Thanks for the question, currently this is not possbile yet, but I will add your request to an internal issue we already have tracking this.

In the meantime, what you could do (and might in some cases even be more desirable) would be to dynamically set the visibility of a NumberField (using the visibile flag) and create a separate field with a different description to appear visible based on another condition.

Hopefully that helps!

Ha Daniël,

Thanks you for replying. In some cases is this possible but for more complex cases it will be to much work.

Hi Jip,

Understood, I will change this post to a feature-request, that way it will be updated when a development follows from this request.

So we’ll keep you posted here if anything comes up!