Machine learning tab on a CPT throws Exception Cannot authorize (status 400)

Which tool versions are you using?

SDK: unknown
Platform: v23.01.2
Python: unknown
Isolation mode: neither
App type: live app
App name: GeoTools

Current Behavior

Upon trying the Machine learing tab on a cpt file, we get a Exception: Cannot authorize (status 400)

Expected Behavior

The visual on the tab is expected to generate a automated soil layout clasification.

Context (optional, but preferred)

The bug seems pretty straightforward, below is a picture of the error message, a printscreen of the reported error and the full error message in a textfile. It is a logon error, which leads us to assume this is regardless of what cpt is entered.

Machine Learning classification error incl stacktrace and params.txt (94.8 KB)

Hallo Johan.

Thanks for also reporting this problem. We will look into this issue. We will report back to you when we have a fix or solution.



Update: I have looked into this and I think I understand what is going wrong, not definitive yet unfortunately.

I checked on this issue and it seems to be working now. So you might have missed updating this bug but it seems fixed. (@rweigand ?)

Oh woops @Johan you are absolutely correct, this has been fixed and I completely missed updating this topic. Sorry about that!