Look-up cell values within Dynamic Array Row (or Table Row)

At the moment a user can not use other values within a dynamic array row in the logic of a dynamic array cell. It is possible to use values in the logic of a cell, for for example visibilty or optionlist composition of any defined cell in the parametrization using look-up, function look-up of callback functions. However it is not possible to use cell values of a cell in the same dynamic array row.

For example: You want to make up a option list in a dynamic array. The composition of the option list is dependent an a choice you have made earlier in the same row.
Cell 1 - choose A or B
Cell 2 - If Cell 1 == A then show options M N and O
If Cell 1 == B then show options P Q and R

Current workarounds that can be used, are very sloppy.

Hi Guido, thanks for bringing this up again. We already made a design for dynamic option lists per array row (not table), but still need to plan for it. I will see what I can do.

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Hello Kevin, Can you give an update about this developement.
Did you get any further with this?

Unfortunately it is not yet planned due to other priorities

I keep hoping, and keep bothering about it :slight_smile:

Hello, what is the status of this request? The feature would be quite welcome

It is still on our radar but currently the status is still the same as @khameeteman described in his last post (not yet planned). Though I just added @RMunck’s request to the issue as well.

If anything changes in the status we’ll let you know here!

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We are currently implementing this feature request

Glad to announce that this is now available using SDK v14.8.0!

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Very nice feature, thanks guys!

@khameeteman the documentation on this feature is difficult to find. Is it possible to add more information to the DynamicArray or the OptionField documentation?

In case anyone is wondering how to implement this, see here.

Thanks for the feedback! When you first started looking for this info, where did you expect it to be located?

Hey Kevin, I always expect the SDK Parametrization Reference to be complete, so my order of searching was:

  1. DynamicArray
  2. DynamicArrayConstraint
  3. Optionfield
  4. This forum :slight_smile:
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