Look-up cell values within Dynamic Array Row (or Table Row)

At the moment a user can not use other values within a dynamic array row in the logic of a dynamic array cell. It is possible to use values in the logic of a cell, for for example visibilty or optionlist composition of any defined cell in the parametrization using look-up, function look-up of callback functions. However it is not possible to use cell values of a cell in the same dynamic array row.

For example: You want to make up a option list in a dynamic array. The composition of the option list is dependent an a choice you have made earlier in the same row.
Cell 1 - choose A or B
Cell 2 - If Cell 1 == A then show options M N and O
If Cell 1 == B then show options P Q and R

Current workarounds that can be used, are very sloppy.

Hi Guido, thanks for bringing this up again. We already made a design for dynamic option lists per array row (not table), but still need to plan for it. I will see what I can do.

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Hello Kevin, Can you give an update about this developement.
Did you get any further with this?

Unfortunately it is not yet planned due to other priorities

I keep hoping, and keep bothering about it :slight_smile: