Link to section in WebResult

Hi VIKTOR team,

I want to add a link to the manual object we use. This is just like an earlier topic (Adding a link to manual section), which works well!

The object contains a WebResult/WebView using a html file. Since this file is quite large, I would like to link to a specific section on the page. I tried editing the link I used, but nothing seems to change the position on the page. Is it currently possible to get my results? And if so, how could I get there?

Look forward to hearing from you!

Hi Laurens,

Welcome to the community! Thanks for your question.

In trying to understand your question, here is how I gather your question:

You want to create a link in your parametrization using a Text object. That link refers to a location of an entity type where a WebView is displayed, but the link that you have does not send you to the exact location where the WebView is displayed. Do I understand this correctly?

If so, what avoids you from creating a WebView at your current location, displaying the html that is rendered within the other entity type?