Limits on amount of file uploads, blocking user?

Hi! :slight_smile:

What happened: a user has uploaded about 180 files (with a combined file size of less than 300 MB), when all their file uploads (across all workspaces) start failing with a generic ‘Fout’ code. Logging off/on (and on another machine) does not help. Another user is able to upload files as usual.

My questions:
Is there some restriction set in place on the amount of files that can be uploaded by a user? If so, is there some place where I can read more about it? Is there a way to remove or change this restriction? If no such restriction exists, can you help me find another explanation for what happened? In any case, I’d like my users to be able to keep uploading lots of files…

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Hi there,

Good catch, the problem here is that your behaviour triggered some of our security checks.
We’ve implemented some rate limiting to prevent abuse on the platform. We are currently still tweaking the numbers to prevent that abuse on the one hand but not hinder your regular operations.
Apparently those numbers should be adjusted somewhat again :wink:

I’ll keep you posted in a direct message about specifics for this case regarding your specific user

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Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your reply. Can you let me know when to expect more information/a direct message from you?

Thanks in advance!