💡 Lets Optimize Our Workflows, Together!

Hello there,

At VIKTOR, we’re committed to providing seamless user experiences and optimized workflows for developers, admins, and end-users. :rocket:

Your insights have been always a vital part in feature development, including recent additions like:

  • Multi-Regional Hosting, for scaling engineering apps worldwide in compliance with regulations. :world_map:

  • Activity Dashboard, for admins to get insights about their apps’ activities :chart_with_downwards_trend:

  • App Store, to assist end users in discovering all creative solutions developed by their colleagues within their organization. :shopping:

  • Labelling, easier way to organize and find your apps :label:

  • Embedding Apps in Web Pages. :link:

We want this conversation to stay open - your ideas and questions fuel our creativity. :brain: Join in on this post and share which feature you’d like to see in VIKTOR and how it could boost your team and workflow. :bulb:

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Great initiative! Something I’m running into now: How to easily (and quickly) suggest improvements to the documentation?

For instance: Could the HiddenField documentation include a “Data” part, just like the other fields. Specifically mentioning “None, when empty”.

I don’t think it is desirable to create a forum topic for every textual change. I think I’ve seen some “suggest improvement” javascripts boxes somewhere online, but can’t find one now. But such an easy way to report issues would be nice.

Hi @rkg,

Thank you for the very nice suggestion. I will see whether it is possible to add a feature like this to the docs. In the meantime please do not hesitate to create topics even for small improvements!



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