Issues with venv/WSL Ubuntu

Hi Support,

We are now using WSL Ubuntu for the development of our apps. Unfortunately we are not able to use venv on PyCharm to store our packages when making use of WSL. Are you aware of this issue ? Is there a workaround available for this problem?

Not sure if this differs for your WSL Ubuntu setup, but adding the apps-folder / viktor-installs / MYAPP-specific / pip-cache folder to PyCharm’s content root (Settings → Project: MYAPP → Project Structure → Add Content Root) should load in all dependency packages (including VIKTOR) in PyCharm (don’t forget to viktor-cli install MYAPP first, as to fill the pip-cache folder!)

See Development tools & tips - Integrated Development Environment (IDE) | VIKTOR Documentation

not sure if related, but from your screenschot it seems that pycharm also misses an interpreter. maybe this is a prerequisite. ideally this is python 3.7, since this is the minor we use for the runtime

When I try to use a venv on Pycharm as an interpreter making use of WSL Ubuntu on the background then I’m not able to install any packages. I will try Bas’s answer but I’m not sure if that will fix the problem.