Is it possible to make input fields required?


I’m working on an app which will be used by others and want to make sure that particular fields are always filled.
Is it possible to make filling (e.g.) Text- and OptionFields required before being able to go to the next page? I haven’t been able to find it in the documentation.


Hi Marieke,

We are currently working on input validation functionalities in the platform, which will also make it possible to enforce requiredness on fields. This requiredness can also block moving to a next step (not switching pages). You can expect this functionality soon.

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Hi @Marieke , with the latest version of the platform and SDK, this is now supported. I hope this suits your usecase. requiredness can not be set on the field but has to be checked on each action (view / next / button). interested to hear form your experiences such that we can take that into account when looking at global requiredness

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