Interactive Debugging 🪲

Interactive Debugging :beetle:

You are now able to debug your application in development, using the debugging tool of your IDE (Integrated Development Environment)! All you need to do is reinstall your application to automatically install the viktor_debugging module, and configure your IDE by following the steps described here:
Development tools & tips - Interactive debugging | VIKTOR Documentation

We are supporting the following combinations of isolation mode and IDE:

  • venv + PyCharm
  • venv + VSCode
  • docker + PyCharm (professional)
  • docker + VSCode
  • Gitpod

Happy bug hunting!


Please note that since CLI v0.23.0 the cli configuration file has a slightly different format. If you are still using an old viktor_debugging module, this results in:

"Could not find credentials (neither in VIKTOR config, nor environment variables)"

You will also need to upgrade to the latest viktor_debugging module, by re-installing of your app.