Instance(s) Visibility for Child Entities

Description of the limitation and why it is relevant to address

As an end user, I want to know which child entity has instances for an object, so that I do not have to click on each child entity to see how many instances exist, nor search and look on the sidebar.

I think this is relevant to the VIKTOR platform because instances of child entities can be easily identified at first glance, allowing for further modification/changes by the end user.

Submitter proposed design (optional)

A solution can be a small icon, such as a subscript placed next to children entities that have instances, which incorporates a small number inside, indicating the number of instances.

Current workarounds

The only way to know the instances is to unfold desired objects in the sidebar.

FYI, we discovered the card option (show_children_as = 'Cards' # Table ) in the Controller class, in the meantime, which provides visibility of one card per instance. We’ve chosen to proceed by modifying this constant this way with the end users of our apps as it serves as a workaround for the visibility issue associated with the ‘Table’ option described above.

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