Initial Camera Rotation in the GeometryView

Hi Community, could you help us out by giving some input?

We got some feedback about the initialization of the camera in the GeometryView, in which some users find it confusing that the x-axis positive direction is pointing to the left on init, while expecting it to be to the right similar to when you have a graph.

We are thinking about changing the camera rotation to make the initial render feel more intuitive and match other software packages (SCIA, RFEM and Rhino all have this initial rotation, see example of RFEM below). This means x-axis positive direction pointing towards the screen and to the right, y-axis positive direction away from the screen and to the right and z-axis positive direction upwards.

RFEM camera initialization

Questions we have:

  • Would you prefer the newly suggested camera initialization?
  • Will changing this initial rotation be confusing in existing apps?
  • Do you know how other software packages orient their initial camera?

Thanks in advance for the feedback!