Image size

I would like to change the size of an image.
Which code lines / kwargs do I have to use for this?
So I want to make the picture smaller not in mbs but in how you see it on the screen. So on the image below for example a smaller sphere.

And how can you make the width of this screen smaller:

Hoi Anne,

On this page there is explained how to set the width of the parametrization window:

Hope this solves your problem.



Dank je wel! Het is gelukt om het scherm kleiner te maken. Het is alleen niet gelukt om de afbeelding kleiner te maken.

Can you please eleborate on your usecase why you want to make the image smaller? Most views come with auto scalling, so the view will try to fit the visualization to the screen.

What type of view are you using?

In case of a geometry view, this will always try to adjust the zoom level to fit the complete geometry. The user can manually zoom in or out.

A Plotly view does allow to set the axis bounds, which make the plot looks smaller.

I downloaded an image, but I dont want it to auto scale, because the image gets blurry if I do that.

I am using an image view. So the image I upload is autoscaling and becoming to big. I would like to give my own scale to it.

I hope this description is more clear.