Image download from GeometryResult so I can automatically add it to a pdf


Is it possible to download an image from GeometryResult in python?

I know you can download the image manually by clicking the options button and export as … . However, I would like to add it automatically to a pdf I create in one of the steps after creating the image, without the user having to click any buttons.


Hi Marieke,

The rendering of the 3D model, and the image exporting is happening front-end side. Therefore it is not possible to access this functionality from your Python source code. There are Python libraries to render 3D scenes but they are quite heavy and you will have to define a new 3d Scene. If your geometry result is relatively simple perhaps you could represent it as a section or plan in a PlotlyView? In that case you could convert the graph to a static image in Python.

Hope that helps!

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