IDEA Statica Report option

Is there an option to get a report from Idea Statica (PDF)?

I was thinking about adding this to the IdeaRCS analysis, with an additional parameter of “Report Settings” being an xml as you can also import inside the GUI of IDEA.

Any idea?

Hi Johan,

This is not yet possible using the IDEA API and has been requested a couple of years ago: [FEATURE] IDEA StatiCa RCS: print PDF reports with API · Issue #54 · idea-statica/ideastatica-public · GitHub

I have recently (September) contacted IDEA and they mentioned that it is a feature which is asked for alot and they hope to introduce this soon. Unfortunately I cannot guarantee anything.

Regarding the implementation do you refer to this “Import” button? If so I can share this request with IDEA such that they know what is desired.

Yes indeed, it is a way to standardise your report settings. Which would be nice as an argument (optional for example)