Hyperlink to child within entity editor

Hi Support,

In a MapView it is possible to add some kind of hyperlink in order to switch quickly to a cpt-file.
Is it also possible to add this kind of hyperlink into the parametrization section of an editor?

Hi Bart,

In a MapView it is possible to add a MapEntityLink to a feature on the map. This will produce a clickable link in the map. For more information see: SDK Reference - Views | VIKTOR Documentation.

With respect to the parametrization, we do not have functionality to generate a link automatically similar to a MapEntityLink. You can use markdown to create a hyperlink with the recently introduced text formatting: Layout & styling - Style text using Markdown | VIKTOR Documentation. In this case you will need to deduce the correct hyperlink yourself.

Hi Bart,

We are discussing this topic internally, and are wondering how you envision this in for example a Text element. Since this element is generated in a static way (unlike the MapEntityLink), it is not trivial to define links in a similar way, using the api module for example.

Also when this entity has multiple children, do you need to link to only one of these children or multiple (or all), and how would this ideally be presented in such a text element?

Hi Kevin,
I would like to achieve a way to be able to quickly access a (child) entity in an object editor. So mayby I could select a (child) entity using a ChildEntityOptionField, after which I could click on some kind of hyperlink. Clicking the hyperlink will get me into the selected child editor.
This means that the hyperlink must be updated after the selection of a (child) entity. But also that the current entity in which you are working must be (automatically) saved.