(human-readable) URL for apps inside Workspaces

Description of the limitation and why it is relevant to address

We would like to use unique url’s to send our user directly to the right application inside our Workspaces.

I think this is relevant for the VIKTOR platform because it makes finding and using certain apps much faster than the current way of working.

Submitter proposed design (optional)

We really would like to have a url of this kind → https://COMPANY_NAME.viktor.ai/APP_NAME

Current workarounds

None; at this moment we ask our users to login in the workspaces and manually search for the right application.

Hi enrique,

Thanks for creating this request. I have some questions regarding your limitation.

We would like to use unique url’s to send our user directly to the right application inside our Workspaces.

Do you mean that you want to for instance add a hyperlink in an editor of workspace 1, pointing to workspace 2? Where do you want to point? The main application or a specific entity/editor?

Currently workspace URLs are unique, but they contain a number instead of a name.

e.g. https://COMPANY_NAME.viktor.ai/workspaces/WORKSPACE_ID/app/

What’s the main limitation with this?

Hi Matthijs,

This work just perfect from a developer point of view. But for a user (non-developer) who just want to go straight to one of the applications without the need to go to workspaces first such a URL is just not good enough.

In the current situation someone needs to remember the WORKPACE_ID of each of the apps when sending a direct link to someone. And if that person forgets to put /app/ at the end of the url then it will not even work. The user misses all context in that approach as it’s not clear which app it’s going to open just from an workspace id alone.

Again the current situation is just fine for a developer but is just not human-readable or user-friendly. Workspaces is a great place to find all our apps in one place but when trying to get attention to one app specifically (folder, poster, email, etc) then workspace id’s in the url is just not doing the job.

Maybe redirect from a human-readable url to a workspace_id setup would be fine as well. So it’s not about replacing the current approach but about giving a second option to get to our apps.

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