How to clear published database

Hi there,

Today we published the new version of our app. We made some namechanges to the manifest, for robustness in our version “1.0”. The pre-release version already was published. While publishing the new version we got the following messages:

SUCCESS uploading completed!
SUCCESS packing completed!
ERROR checking completed with errors: Manifest misses entity type Geotechnical, which is present in database

Viktor-cli only clears the local databases, the functionality for us to clear the published database does not exist to my knowledge.

How can we clear our published database, or how should we fix this problem?

Currently there are some limitations to the CLI publish command, which will be tackled in the future. All limitations can be found in the docs: Command-line interface (CLI) | VIKTOR Documentation . If you encounter such limitation, please reach out to your contact person at VIKTOR to deploy the application.