How do i find and chang the config file?

Hello. trying to install viktor. I messed up somewhere on the install. got this message:

vWindows PowerShell
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PS C:\Users\noam-y> viktor-cli start

Python 3.7 will no longer be supported for SDK v14 or higher. Please update the ‘python_version’ in the viktor.config.toml file. See upgrade instruction U86 for more detail.

you are developing with Python 3.9, while the published app runs on Python 3.7. The Python version for development can be changed by running ‘viktor-cli configure’. The Python version of the published app can be specified by setting ‘python_version’ in the viktor.config.toml file.

App installation was not found. The app should be installed with ‘viktor-cli install’ before starting the app.
No old app installation directory found.

Exiting because of an error: app is not (properly) installed

PS C:\Users\noam-y>
Any tips? Thanks.

Hi Noam,

As far as I can see in your screenshot you haven’t necessarily made any big mistakes. The thing is you don’t have an app to start. You are currently trying to start an app in your personal user directory. You should first create an app (see one of our basic tutorials on how to do this), navigate to that app directory (the directory where the file is located) and then run viktor-cli start.

That should then allow you to start building your first application.

Let me know if that works!

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In addition to the comment by Daniel; also run viktor-cli install before running viktor-cli start

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Thanks. Will do.