GRLWEAP unavailable


The app Heibaarheidsanalyse does not work.
We get the next message:
GRLWEAP unavailable, job timed out. Check external calculation server.
This was this morning at 7:20.
ICT restarted the server with GRLWEAP and the worker, but that does not help.
In the development environment GRLWEAP and the worker works ok.
Do we have another worker for the live version?
Can you see in logfiles where and what goes wrong?

Hi @Rino, when you say:

In the development environment GRLWEAP and the worker works ok.

Does that worker work on the same server? Or do you have a worker on a different (e.g., your own) laptop?

Another thing I’m wondering about is: what do the logs of the worker say? Do you see the jobs enter in the logs at all?

Hi Roeland,
Attached a logfile from one of the workers.
worker.log (73.3 KB)

Hi Roeland,
Is ONE worker enough for the development environment AND the live version?
Or are TWO workers required?

Hi @Rino,

The amount of workers needed depends. For a while now admins on VIKTOR environments have had the option to create workers inside of the environment, and also to assign those workers to either specific workspaces or “All workspaces” (on the environment). I am not sure if you are an admin on your company’s environment, but if you are you can check the current setup under Administrator → Workers. So to answer your question: both are possible. If you create two workers and pin them to respectivly your development workspace and the production workspace you need 2, if you create 1 worker and set that to “All workspaces” 1 is enough (but jobs from both workspaces land at that single worker, so calculation might take longer).

This also raises a possible problem identification: perhaps the worker that you are using has not yet been updated to the new environment ( and is instead still linked to (which no longer exists)?

You can create (and read about) workers through this part of our documentation, and you can check if there are workers connected to your workspace by opening it and click the “integration status” button:

Hi Roeland,
Thanks for the information.
I have to check some things, but that takes some time (2 or 3 weeks).

Hi Roeland,

We installed a new worker for GRLWEAP on the server, and that was the solution.
Everything works ok now.
Thanks for your support.

Hi @Rino, good to hear everything turned out allright!

Hi Roeland,
We removed the current worker on the server.
And installed the new worker.
Now the live version works ok.
But development doesn’t work anymore.
We downloaded a new worker for develop.
I installed this worker local.
If I start this worker develop still doesn’t work.
And in develop ‘Status van integraties’ for Grlweap is ‘not available’.
I asked ICT to install this worker also on the server, but it can only install if the current worker is removed.
How can I get the live app AND develop working?

Hi Roeland,
We generated a worker token global (for all workspaces?).
It works ok for the live app.
But development still doesn’t work. No integration for Grlweap.

Hi @Rino,

When you start your development workspace, does it show a green bubble indicating that a worker is connected? It sounds like maybe there is something going wrong with the administration of workers: in your admin panel you can link workers to workspaces (or set them to be global). Perhaps the old worker is still connected to the dev workspace? If you could indicate the current status of all workers connected to the app, perhaps that is a good place to start looking for a solution

Hi @Roeland,
Everything works ok now.
We generated a new worker with Toewijzing: Specifiek, and as workspaces the live app AND the development environment.
Now there is Glweap integration in de live appa AND development.
And Grlweap is working in both workspaces.
Thanks for your support.

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