Grasshopper script doesnt run in public url

Hi does the app has to be submitted in gallery for sharing?
I have created the app but its not working but works in development environment. Any reason for this?

please check below link [gh-integ-global-app - VIKTOR]

Yelim - VIKTOR

even this is not working … my rhino and grasshopper are open yet it fails

so you cannot run grasshopper after its published in public? please help

Hi Murali,

This should work, so let’s try to get your problem resolved. To begin with could you explain how you established the integration with grasshopper/rhino? Did you use a worker? Did you use the generic worker or the grasshopper worker? If so, are you receiving any tasks?



Hi I created worker from worker tab by following tutorial here

Thanks for the reply.

Did you assign the scope of the worker you created in this tutorial also to the workspace you published your app to?



you mean description?

Indeed, so in order for your worker to also pick up tasks of the workspace you created you will need to add in to the ‘Workspaces’ selection and save it.

Let me know whether this resolves your problems!