Grasshopper integration


I would like to know more about how I can integrate my Grasshopper scripts into Viktor. Can I have a custom instance of grasshopper with my desired plug-ins on it for the Viktor server to run? How would implementing this work?


Hi Charlie,

The Grasshopper and Rhino instances run on your own server.
It is possible to use whatever Grasshopper plugins you want to use, as long as you have them installed on your server. I assume you have inquired our Rhino / Grasshopper integration documentation?

I would advise you to follow these steps:

  • set up Rhino and Grasshopper and install all plugins on the server that you want to use for the integration
  • export a JSON (or other filetype) from your Grashopper script, for example with lunchbox
  • copy the run_grasshopper.bat file from the Rhino / Grasshopper integration docs to your server and adjust the paths to point to your Grasshopper and Rhino file
  • try to get the .bat file to run. For more info on how to run Rhino from the command line see the Rhino documentation
  • if you are able to save the result file, install a generic worker and follow the steps on the Rhino / Grasshopper integration docs to run the worker from your app

Hope that helps!