Global API key for app

I have a app where i need a api key. when i use mine that i can vind in dev-tools i get a 405. Is there a way to use a global api key?

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First up, there is a very relevant platform release coming up soon which will include a feature which will help you tremendously with this issue, so if youโ€™re able to wait a bit youโ€™ll be able to fix your problem with that.

If the issue needs fixing rather quickly, weโ€™ll need to dive a little deeper into the problem: you say you use your API key which you can find in your dev-tools, could you be a little more specific? The regular version of dev-tools does not have an API key hardcoded in the tools.

Currently the way to access the API is to include your username - password combo (as described in the docs). So if you use those credentials they should work from anywhere.

To extend on Daniels answer:

soon (probably upcoming week) we will release a feature that enables you to create personal access tokens.

since you are from BAM i suspect that you are behind SSO, so a username/password combination is not possible and you can currently only use API by fetching the bearer token from the browser developer tools. in the case of SSO this token is only 15min valid, so that might be the source of your error.


Yes, I have read the docs about the API. But we use SSO. From what I understood, you could get a bearer token from that request when you are using a Password and Username. However, if you use SSO, you need to find it in your dev tools (browser).

You can find it in the network tab. Disable cache, refresh your page with the dev tools open, and find current > headers > Authorization.

I think we can wait a week, but I will discuss that with my coworkers.

Thanks, Daniel and Matthijs, for the response. Iโ€™m looking forward to the new feature.

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Hi Tim,

Just to let you know. We have released the first iteration of this feature in the the v24.03.2 platform release. Please have a look at our updated API docs to start using the new API authentication method.

Happy coding!

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