Getting Error "can not import name: "UserException" from Viktor.core"

I have already installed the app but while starting the app, I am getting the error as mentioned above.
Any suggestion/solution is appreciated.

Could it be that you mis-typed viktor with capital letter? The correct import would be:

from viktor.core import UserException

or just

from viktor import UserException

I am using “from viktor.core import ViktorController, File, UserException” .

I would need some more information to pinpoint what the problem could be.

  • Are you starting the app with viktor-cli start?
  • Are you using venv or docker isolation mode?

Can you maybe post a screenshot of the error message in the command-line prompt?

Are you using SDK v14? UserException has been replaced with UserError: SDK - Deprecations & Upgrades | VIKTOR Documentation

Yes, I am using SDk v14. I will try with UserError