Get user's user group

I would like to set some input parameters visible only for certain user groups.
In order to do that, is there a way to get the user group (similarly to the user full name for example: API().get_current_user().full_name)?
If not, do you have any workaround to do this?
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Hi @fzhou,

It’s currently not possible to differentiate field visibilities based on a usergroup.

In order to help formulating a potential workaround: can you explain the reason for this desired functionality? In other words: what are you trying to achieve?

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Hi Matthijs,

Thank you for the response.

I want only allow some advanced users to download an Excel file. For that I was planning to have the download button hidden for standard users.

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If you are limiting this because of convenience (and not because they are not allowed to), you could consider a “advanced settings” BooleanField. I don’t see a quick workaround if other users are not allowed to download this unfortunately.

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