Get data from .csv-file object without params after update to sdk v13

before a file object had a parametrization, also if you did not define it.
In my case a file object (a .csv) is parsed. The parent object takes the data from the file object from the params.

With one of the latest updates, the params does not excist anymore.
How should I rewrite the code?

Hi Guido, which SDK version were you using before the upgrade?

I’m now at 12.12.1, so not really v13 yet

We have figured out that the behavior you describe has been possible unintentionally. As the docs also describe (Managing files - Uploading files | VIKTOR Documentation):

the processed content can only be stored on fields that are defined in the entity’s parametrization

So in your case, for every key that is returned by the file processing method a HiddenField should be added.

I am wondering, how did you find out about this unintentional “feature”?